At 11:41 p.m. Friday, Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, Citrus Heights Police Department and the California Highway Patrol responded to reports of a major accident at the intersection of Manzanita Avenue and Auburn Blvd.

When crews arrived, they found a massive amount of wreckage on the Manzanitia side of the M3 Motors car sales lot; with several vehicles destroyed and fencing mangled.

"It was a solo vehicle collision. It's believed that vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed on Auburn and left the roadway, collided into the dealership there on the corner which had a bunch of parked cars and a fence," Lieutenant Herman from the Citrus Heights Police Department stated.

"We estimate they hit around 12 Vehicles. The driver was not wearing his seat-belt was ejected from his vehicle and was transported to Mercy San Juan hospital. He did not survive his injuries and at this point speed and intoxication appear to be a factor in the collision. Obviously, the investigation is still ongoing. "

UPDATE: Tuesday, July 22, 2020

The family of the driver has reached out to PSN stating the driver was having medical issues earlier and they believe that is the cause for this incident. We have submitted a request to CHPD inquiring if there have been any further developments that have come forward since the incident.

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