Public Safety News (PSN) is a nonprofit news agency that consists of independent photojournalists, journalists, and action news enthusiasts passionate about capturing breaking news and bringing it to you.

We also provide area newsrooms with footage and photographs of incidents and events rapidly. We use innovative tactics and technology to deliver stories faster to newsrooms and to you.

Many of our team members have a professional EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement or Military background, which gives our team a depth of field experience not found with most news teams.

Our team receives regular training in on-scene safety, how to work with on-scene officials, and on-scene protocol. 

Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

One day every person in our nation will have immediate access to news and information that helps them to stay safe.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the public timely news and information to protect and save lives in communities across the country.

Serving the Community

What sets PSN apart from conventional “stringers” is that we no longer focus on serving just the newsrooms. Instead, our main focus is to serve you, the community, as your Tactical Photojournalists.

In this new media world, local media MUST connect with their viewers: the community.

If you’re not covering ALL the LOCAL News that affects your community, you’re not connecting with your community. So while corporations cut local news budgets and demand more, PSN covers the void.

Community First Group

We are so committed to serving you that we formed a nonprofit called Community First Group. Community First Group focuses on community improvement through providing unbiased news, education, recovery, and jobs, with the goal of reducing crime, recidivism, and enriching lives.

PSN is a key part of Community First Group’s efforts to improve communities by providing news and information to protect and save lives.

Creating a Paradigm Shift

We are resolute on creating a paradigm shift in our genre of news. We strongly believe that things must change after many years serving newsrooms.

We spent many years working as stringers for local and national news agencies. Our team worked under the name SacMav Rapid Media, and we delivered action news assets to area and national news agencies better and faster than anyone in the greater Sacramento area. FOX40 (KTXL) was our top client for many years, and the other local agencies acquired assets from us on a more semi-regular basis.

Our focus, as with many other stringers, was to serve the newsrooms. We had good dealings with local newsrooms until the financial crisis in the late 2000s struck. Local news budgets were slashed greatly during the crisis and have not recovered since then.

We continued to gather news, but we discovered that news agencies only purchased about 10% of the viable news we aggregated even in “sweeps” seasons. That meant the public was not being told about 90% of the incidents that sat on our hard drives.

Something had to be done-this was wrong! The public has a right and need to know what was going on. A short time later, Public Safety News was born in our hearts and our passion became to serve the community, not the newsrooms.

Our focus now is to provide you with unbiased public safety news and information. We are an outlier in our genre of news because the industry norm is still to focus solely on serving the newsrooms. However, we hope that we set an example for others to follow so that one day people across our nation will have timely access to news and information that will help them to stay safe.

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