FIRE WATCH: The Hog Fire scorches 8,000 acres and forces evacuations near Susanville, July 20, 2020

FIRE WATCH: The Hog Fire scorches 8,000 acres and forces evacuations near Susanville, July 20, 2020

The #HogFire has been burning in Lassen County since the afternoon of July 18. It is located in the Hog Flat Reservoir along Highway 36, near Highway 44, west of Susanville.

According to Cal Fire, the fire is currently 8,000 acres with 5% containment.

The Lake Forest Estates along Eagle Lake Rd are under a mandatory evacuation, as well as homes near River Bench Rd, south of Highway 36. As far as we know, no homes have been damaged in this fire.


  • Firefighters continue to work aggressively to build containment lines around the Hog Fire. The fire remained active overnight due to wind shifts, low fuel moisture and thunderstorm activity.
  • A Red Flag warning is issued for today.
  • An increase in temperature and low humidity could support more fire growth. An essential fiber optic cable was damaged by the fire early Monday morning and has hampered communication and connectivity for Susanville, CAL FIRE Headquarters and the Incident Command Base.
  • Evacuations: Community of Lake Forest Estates and North and South side of Highway 36 from A-1 to Willard Creek Road
  • Road Closure: Highway 44 from the Highway 36 and 44 juncture to A-21. Highway 36 from Highway 44 and 36 juncture to Westwood. County Road A-1 is closed from Gallatin Road Highway 36.
  • Cause is under investigation

Incident Statistics:

  • Structures Threatened: 170
  • Engines: 19
  • Dozers: 24
  • Water Tenders: 21

Cooperating Agencies:

Lassen National Forest, California Highway Patrol, Lassen County Sheriff, CALTRANS


Warm and dry conditions will continue in the region, this may influence fire activity and smoke production within the fire’s control lines on the Hog Fire. Both SR-36 and SR- 44 are now open for through traffic. All evacuation orders have been lifted, as residents are allowed to return to their homes, please drive care-fully as emergency personnel are still working throughout the fire area. The de-mobilization of resources continues, resources are anticipated to be released based on the current fire and weather situation. These measures ensure that the number and type of resources assigned to the incident match the current operational needs. CAL FIRE Incident Management Team 3 will be transitioning the fire to the CAL FIRE Lassen-Modoc Unit on Friday, 7/31/2020.

Evacuation Orders:
All evacuation orders have been lifted with the exception of the US Forest Service closures and restricted areas. For more information, please visit: US Forest Service

Evacuation Warnings:
Community of Lake Forest Estates, both North and South side of the highway 36 from A-1 Willard Creek Road.

Junction SR-36 and SR-44 east to the A-1 SR-36 junction, the encompasses River Bench, Britt Lane, Thumper Hill Road, and Ridge Top Road.

West of Brake Check Area on SR-36, to the junction of SR-36 and SR-44 this includes residents served by Phil Dow Road.

Evacuation Centers: Closed as of 7/24/2020 at 3:00 PM

Road Closures: are lifted.

Evacuation Warning Update: July 30, 2020

LASSEN COUNTY, CA – Effective immediately the Evacuation Warning in place for the community of Lake Forest Estates, has now been lifted.

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This is a great video posted by Cal Fire, July 30th, demonstrating how pre-planning and preparatory action played a significant role in mitigating the Hog Fire, saving countless homes and forested acreage.

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