SLOUGHHOUSE, Calif. – An investigation is underway after an elementary school student brought pepper spray onto campus and discharged it in a classroom.

On Monday, emergency responders were called to the Cosumnes River Elementary School in the Sloughhouse community of Sacramento County. School officials were reporting that a student had brought a can of OC spray, otherwise known as pepper spray onto campus and it had discharged in one of the school’s classrooms.

Paramedics responded to the school as the classroom where the pepper spray was discharged was occupied by students and a teacher at the time of the incident. An assessment of all students and teachers revealed no one had been injured.

The student who brought the pepper spray onto campus will likely face serious consequences. According to the school district, pepper spray is considered a weapon and students possessing weapons on campus can face consequences as serious as expulsion and/or arrest.

The school district issued a statement saying “the safety of our students and staff is a top priority at Cosumnes River Elementary School where we tell our students, staff, parents and community ‘if you see something, or know something, say something.;”

Parents having questions about the incident are asked to call the school’s principal.

The incident is being investigated by the Elk Grove Unified School District including the Police Services department, and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and it’s School Resource Officer program. Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District responded to provide paramedic services.

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