West Sacramento | When a drunk woman jumps off a dock in the middle of the night into the dark and flowing Sacramento River, rescuers have to take risks to get her out.

Late Thursday night, while a West Sacramento Police Officer was on an unrelated call at the Broderick Boat Ramp, a drunk woman jumped off the dock into the dark and flowing river. 

At first the woman stayed about twenty feet off shore as the officer attempted to coax her in, then she began floating out into the middle of the river and began to get carried down stream.

Sacramento Sheriff’s STAR helicopter was dispatched to the scene as was West Sacramento Fire units, and AMR ambulance, a boat and several more officers.

A couple of times the woman floated in toward shore, but refused assistance from police and fire personnel. At one point she lead firefighters to believe that she was actually going to come out, and when a firefighter attempted to reach out and help her, she tried to pull him into the river with her.

Eventually a West Sacramento fire boat arrived. They were able to grab on to her, but as she resisted and became combative, rescuers were not able to bring her into the boat. As a result, they kept ahold of her over the side of the boat and towed her back upstream to the Broderick boat launch.

When rescuers attempted to extract her from the water, she became even more combative and had to be restrained by rescuers and police.

Join the rescuers as they attempt to pull a drunk, combative woman from the Sacramento River

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