Sacramento, CA | A 2 alarm blaze rips into two businesses in East Sacramento. A fire captain is transported to the hospital.

Late Tuesday night, a fire broke out in an industrial complex in the 7500 block of 14th Ave in East Sacramento.

The 2 alarm blaze caused extensive damage to two businesses, an automotive repair shop and restaurant supply store per Chief Williams of the Sacramento Fire Department.

Firefighters had difficulty accessing the fire and obtaining a water supply due to the businesses being set aways off the roadway, Williams stated.

One fire captain passed out and was transported to the hospital via Paramedics.

Williams discussed the rotating brownouts of the fire stations due to budget cuts. Presently, two stations are browned out every day and come July, four stations will be browned out daily. Williams stated that on this fire, Truck 5 was browned out and had the blaze been worse, they would have needed that truck. The next available truck would have come from a long distance.

Visit the scene and hear from Chief Williams

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