UPDATE- May 18, 2011

This is an update on the young man that was arrested the evening of this incident. The Father, Steven Flemson, contacted us and this is what he had to say about his son’s arrest and the circumstances around it:

“My son was arrested because his eyes were red from crying to me after he told me what happened. He blew 0000 on the alcohol. The officer said he smelled like weed and took him to draw blood; they told me he would be back in 1 hour. My son was told to leave the scene. He came home and told me what happened;  I called 911, a 20 minute time lapse. I had to bail my son out; paid out my pocket for my own drug report. They tested for the 5 main drugs and the test was negative. While in jail, the website said one of the charges was drunk in public and disorderly conduct. I was there the whole time and so was the person who took pics with other police. My son was polite the whole time. My son is a great young man, 2 weeks from graduation from high school, captain of  the basketball team and a 3.5 grade average. I am very upset. This has damaged my son for life. I am a disable vet war related ptsd; my 18-year-old son will have it worse….  All the other police told me we had nothing to worry about and we did the right thing.” (father’s direct text sent to us)

Per Sergent Norm Leong, spokesperson for the Sacramento Police Department, the suspect who did hit and kill the pedestrian remains at large. The Sacramento Police Department is searching for a dark larger sports utility vehicle.

Based on the preliminary investigation, it is believed that the male pedestrian was crossing Marysville Boulevard westbound at Roanoke Avenue when he was struck by a dark larger sports utility vehicle that was travelling northbound Marysville Boulevard.  The suspect vehicle fled the scene after striking the pedestrian, Leong stated in an earlier press release.


Sacramento, CA | A man crossing the road is struck by a vehicle and killed. The driver flees the scene.

Early Sunday morning a call came in to 911 for a man struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Marysville Blvd and Roanoke Ave. The vehicle, was traveling north on Marysville Blvd and fled the scene.

The male victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

A short time later, a driver of  another vehicle was located at his residence and a DUI evaluation was conducted. The young  driver was subsequently taken into custody. Per  Sgt. Norm Leong, SacPD, this driver apparently ran over the victim, laying in the street, after he was already hit and killed by the initial driver who remains at large.

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