Many folks caught wind that "Shot In The Dark's" LoudLabs News owner and Los Angeles news stringer, Scott Lane was coming to Sacramento.

Scott has family in the area now and was checking out "the market." You'll enjoy the playback of his live YouTube video as he and his brother-in-law Mike, make their way into the area last night. The live broadcast starts as Scott makes his way through Elk Grove. Towards the end of the video, we catch up with Scott and Mark on scene of an apartment fire on Grand Ave.

Is LoudLabs News breaking into the Sacramento news market? No spoilers… we'll let you see for yourself.

Be sure to subscribe to Scott's YouTube channel.

Also be sure to join Maverick and Michael live on our Facebook page tonight for a virtual-ride-along. We won't have an exact time, but around 11:30 p.m.; just be sure you have your alerts set. If you go to our Facebook page on your mobile device and click where it says "following," that will open a box where you will want to select "see first."

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