ELK GROVE, Calif. – A house in Elk Grove was damaged after a hit-and-run collision this morning.

Around 10:30 this morning, Elk Grove police officers responded to the corner of La Haya Drive and Mary Ellen Way after a caller reported a vehicle collision into a home.
When officers arrived, they found a sedan with major rear-end damage pushed into a garage door on the front of the home. The fire department responded to check the structural integrity of the home, and found no issues.

A passerby who witnessed the collision followed the suspect vehicle and called the police department. Officers were able to catch up with the suspect vehicle on Waterman Road, south of Bond Road. The driver was taken into custody, and his vehicle will be impounded, at least temporarily.

There were no injuries to anyone inside of the home that was damaged. The residents of the home tell Public Safety News the suspect likely took the corner too fast, causing him to swerve into their driveway and crash into their car. The car will likely be a total loss.

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