SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that turned fatal early Sunday morning.

Overnight Saturday into Sunday, a Sacramento Police Department officer was working an off-duty employment job at the Capitol Casino on North 16th Street in Downtown Sacramento. An off-duty employment job is when a business or event applies with a police or Sheriff’s department to have a uniformed officer or deputy present on site for the duration of the event to deter crime and help with security.

Just after 1:30 Sunday morning, the officer observed two groups of people gathering in the casino’s parking lot, which then escalated into a fight. One of the subjects from one group pulled out a gun and fired towards the other group. The officer returned fire on the suspect, with the suspect then returning fire on the officer. The officer took cover behind a vehicle in the parking lot, with the suspect continuing to fire his weapon.

The suspect was able to flee the scene and is still outstanding at this time. The only description available is a Hispanic male adult.

After the firefight, the officer discovered that there was an adult male victim that had been shot in the firefight. That victim, later identified as 36-year-old Nicholas Broadway, was transported to a local area hospital for his injuries but was pronounced deceased hours later. It was unknown at the time of posting if Broadway was hit by the suspect’s gun or the officer’s.

An investigation into the officer-involved shooting, the shooting of Nicholas Broadway and the search for the suspect is ongoing.

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