Arson investigator digs into what is being considered a very suspicious series of fires at a Citrus Heights home.

Metro firefighters were called to a Citrus Heights home for the second time in a day for a structure fire in separate locations of the home several hours apart Thursday.

Neighbors say the same thing happened a few years ago and it feels like deja vu all over.

In 2005 neighbors say the exact same thing happened; a fire occurred earlier in the day and was put out completely. Later in the day another fire occurred this time destroying the home. The home was torn down and rebuilt. Thursday, almost the exact same scenario occurred.

Fire authorities were not at liberty to discuss details due to an ongoing investigation, but are considering the fires very suspicious.

The fire is being considered very suspicious and under investigation.

During the course of the fire two pets were rescued from the blaze. One of the dogs was suffering from smoke inhalations and rescures were able to utilize newly provide pet oxygen masks. Chief Siler stated that they use the masks about once a month on pets. While not all the resuscitation attempts are successful, Siler stated the masks have helped them save several pets.

Battalion Chief Chris Siler talks with PSN about the incident…

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