Sacramento, CA | Engine 6 Brown-out becomes factor in another Oak Park structure

SFD firefighters responded to a report of a back porch fire Wednesday morning in Oak Park. Fire crews were called out just thirty minutes after the first in engine was put on “brown out” for forty-eight hours.

Truck six, caring only ladders and gear, no water, arrived first on scene and was not able to assist in fighting the fire until the first engine arrived from East Sacramento, Engine 4, stationed near the Alhambra and K Street area, according to Battalion Chief Jonathan Williams.

Williams indicated that the time difference is significant in that fire literally doubles itself every minute and is even worse in our current hot and dry environment.  Engine 4 was only there as quickly as it was because it was already out in the area on their way back from an alarm call. If they would have been in quarters, the response would have been longer, Williams stated.

One person suffered minor burns and transported to the hospital via paramedics. Two garages were lost and another out building, the porch of one home was burned and the back of the next door home started to catch fire but was quickly extinguished.

Chief Williams talks about the fire and the brown-out factor

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