Rancho Cordova, Sacramento, CA | A dangerous and armed wanted felon was apprehended in a residential back yard Saturday night.

Saturday night  wanted felon Chris Bush, was apprehended by SSD K9 Ike in Rancho Cordova. Sheriff units became aware Bush was in the residence and set up a perimeter in the area. Two other adults and two children were in the home at the time. 

Once deputies got the occupants safely out, a K9 was sent in followed by an armed team to search the residence. Bush had made his way out of the residence and was located in a nearby back yard by Sheriff’s helicopter.

Officers converged on the area then after warning announcements and an opportunity to give up, K9 Ike was sent into the area where the helicopter spotted a subject on the ground.

Ike located the suspect and latched on till officers gained control and took him into custody. We do not have suspect images or statement from officers as Rancho Cordova Police ordered us out of the area and rushed the suspect off deliberately shielding him from media, even though the police perimeter had been terminated and the suspect was safely in custody.

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