South Sacramento, CA | South Sacramento man allegedly shot while out for a jog by his neighbor.

Per Sgt. Norm Leong, Sacramento Police Department, the victim was out for a jog around the neighborhood when the alleged suspect came out from his home and fired a weapon striking the victim in the hip. Leong indicated that there was an ongoing feud between the neighbors.

The whereabouts of the alleged shooter was unknown; some reports were that he was out for a drive in the Explorer, others that he was out for a walk and other reports that he went back inside his home after the alleged shooting.

Sacramento Police  Officers took tactical postions around the suspects home. When they called in and made contact via the home phone, only the wife was home and she stated that he was out for a walk or a drive and hadn’t been home in a few hours. Officers had her exit the home while they advanced in and searched the home with K9 to be sure the wanted shooter was not hiding in the residence.

The alleged shooter is described as an older male, black, adult wearing a robe and possibly driving a greenish blue, late 90’s Ford Explorer.

UPDATE c.0300Hrs: The suspect later showed up at Kaiser South Hospital and was taken into custody.

UPDATE 0447Hrs: Per Sgt. Leong, victim has been changing his story and alleged suspect wound up in the emergency room. The alleged suspect may have actually been attacked. Leong stated the whole thing has become very confusing and sorting out the real facts has become nearly impossible.

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