Sacramento, CA Vehicle crashes into bedroom where a child had just been sitting. Driver missing. May have been intentional.

Firefighters and California Highway Patrol officers were called to the Azure Park Apartments on Sky Parkway Wednesday evening in South Sacramento for a vehicle into a structure. When they arrived they found a vehicle that had crashed into a bedroom where a child had just been.

The details are very snarled and convoluted but is apparently the result of an ongoing family issue. The occupant states that her estranged Aunt (allegedly very drunk) showed up at the apartment knocking on the door and stating she needed a ride somewhere. The occupant stated that she would not let Aunt in and shortly after her Aunt’s vehicle crashed into her son’s bedroom where he had been sitting on a crate just moments before.

Witnesses stated that two male black adults were driving the vehicle and fled back into the apartment complex after the incident.

No one was injured in the incident and the vehicle occupants remain at large.

More details and video to come.

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