Elk Grove, CA | When a truck driver makes a left turn onto a major road, his tanker trailer comes unhitched and lands in the road.

Early Sunday evening, a semi-tanker truck made a turn from west bound East Stockton Blvd. onto south bound Elk Grove Blvd. As the driver made the turn the trailer full of hot molten slurry came unhitched and landed in the middle of the intersection.

The trailer maintained its integrity and did not rupture or leak per Cosumnes Fire Department. The incident commander stated that they took extra precautions by blocking the roads a quarter mile in each direction and plugging the storm drains in case of run-off.

Elk Grove and Stockton (a major traffic route in Elk Grove) was shut down in all directions for the duration of the operation.

It took two semi-tow trucks to lift the trailer and get it hitched back up to another truck.

The incident commander stated that they have no idea why the trailer came unhitched and that will be under investigation.

Visit the scene and hear from the Incident Commander

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