Elk Grove, CA | An Elk Grove man dies hours after a SWAT raid at his home. Police state unrelated.

Fire and paramedics were called to a residence in Elk Grove where a SWAT operation had taken place earlier in the day.

When rescuers arrived they stated CPR was in progress and requested additional resources along with law enforcement, per unconfirmed radio traffic.

According Elk Grove’s Police PIO, a male in his 60’s was deceased and as far as they could tell, it was just medical with nothing suspicious and there were no signs of trauma.

Elk Grove PD was not able to comment on the SWAT operation at the residence earlier in the day due to ongoing investigations. Neighbors however had a lot to say. One neighbor came home just as fire crews were leaving and found out the long time known drug house had been raided. She was elated, hi-fiving other neighbors. Kara Evens stated this problem had been ongoing since 2007.

Go on scene and hear from the neighbors

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