Sacramento, CA | SWAT gears up to go into a downtown parking garage where an alleged gunman has taken refuge.

SWAT personnel have geared up and taken positions around and inside a parking garage at 7th Street and Q Street in downtown Sacramento.

In an email communique, a state employee in a nearby building stated, “…right across from my building. I have a good view of the 8th floor of all the cops crouched down and hiding behind walls with their guns drawn. 3 blocks have been cordoned off. They won’t let employees go to their offices and are holding them in the lobby.”

There were unconfirmed reports that the suspect has a history of mental illness issues and a criminal history with firearms.

Roads have been closed in the area to facility law enforcement staging and equipment as well as community safety. 7th Street has been shut down at P Street, while Q Street has been shut down at 9th Street.


Eventually it was discovered that the gunman had fled the garage. While SWAT and K9 units were securing and tactically breaching and securing areas of the parking structure, other SacPD units were checking area locations where the suspect could have been.

At the same time SWAT was moving in on a makeshift structure in the the rafters of the parking garage with pepper gas grenades, the suspect was located and apprehended without incident  at his home in the Midtown area.

We talked with his roommate, Anthony (a decorated World War II veteran). Anthony stated, “Johnie’s a good guy. He’s had his problems with drugs but he’s beat the beast and is on the right track now.”

Per Officer Norm Leong, spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department, the suspect was arrested on threat charges.

See raw footage of SWAT and K9 units gearing up

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