Sacramento, CA | An innocent woman is killed in front of her 2yr old son and 5 others injured in a South Sacramento barbershop shooting.

Shots rang out Tuesday afternoon just after an innocent woman had placed her son into his car seat in a South Sacramento strip mall. Monique Nelson was struck in the chest by a bullet in the crossfire of a gun battle at a barbershop in the Stockton Blvd. strip mall off Lindale Rd. Nelson’s son was uninjured and is now in the custody of CPS. Firefighters at the scene could be scene taking care of the boy, playing with him and keeping him distracted as much as possible in the wake of what Sgt. Tim Curran, Sacramento Sheriff’s department spokesman, called a “…terrible terrible tragedy….”

Early reports are that two men entered the barbershop and opened fire and two customers returned fire.

One witness who was having his truck worked on in the strip mall and wishes to remain anonymous, stated that he walked by the barbershop minutes before the shootout and the shop was packed with people. He said that he went to the coffee shop across the street and that is when he heard what sounded to be at least 30 shots fired from three separate guns.

Though authorities have not officially dubbed this a “gang related” incident, witnesses inside the barbershop are claiming to have seen nothing.

Hear from a man who was in the area when the shooting occurred

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