Sacramento (Oak Park), CA | What do you get when you mix great coffee, food and Rockabilly? Tess & Hip Trash at Old Soul 40 Acres.

It was nearly standing room only, or dancing room only, when you entered Old Soul at 40 Acres Friday night. Now the new coffee house for the new international terminal at Sacramento International Airport, Old Soul hosted “Tess & Hip Trash” Friday night as customers and fans took in the Rockabilly tunes, fine coffee and great eats.

It wasn’t long after the first set of music started that toes were tapp’en, heads were bobb’en and feet were danc’en to the tunes and elegant voice of Tessie Marie.

Per the band’s web site, “Tessie Marie met her bandmates in prison…. no they weren’t doing time, they were playing music for the inmates as part of a blues society project to educate juvenille offenders, real “Jailhouse Rock”. Part of this gig was a songwriting contest that had bandleader/guitarist Paris Clayton write and record songs using the young inmates lyrics. One of those songs “Life”, is on the new CD. When the group recorded this song Paris was so impressed with Tess’s killer vocals that he asked her to record some other songs he had written. And the rest, as they say, is history.

“Blues, Soul, and Roots Rock influenced original tunes and heartfelt covers, all done in a smart, unique, and sometimes humorous style Tess is backed by a group of veteran pros who have played with a long list of legendary artists. Produced and recorded by Paris Clayton,with bassist Allie Marcel,and “Ratatat Pat” Balcom on Drums.”

The quartet ended with a rousing second set but the full house at Old Soul begged for more. Tess and company kicked in with an encore set that raised the roof and had most of the attendees on their feet.

Old Soul at 40 Acres regularly hosts local bands on Friday evenings. Be sure to follow their Twitter (@OldSoulCo) to keep informed.

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