On October 22, 2022 the Sacramento Police Department hosted its second gun buyback event of the year, which resulted in 275 guns being collected by the department. Community members were able to exchange unwanted firearms for $50 gift cards. The process was anonymous with no questions asked.

Among the firearms that were turned in were privately manufactured firearms (ghost guns) and other illegally configured firearms. The firearms will be safely stored and will be destroyed at a later date.

a gun that lacks a serial number by which it can be identified and that is typically assembled by the user (as from purchased or homemade components) [Merriam-Webster]

The event lasted about four hours and over $12,000 in gift cards were given out. Department officers, professional staff, and members of community-based organizations were on hand to facilitate this event. The Sacramento Police Department would like to thank Kaiser Permanente for its support as a sponsor of this event.

"We recognize that community safety is a shared responsibility between the police department and the citizens we serve. I want to thank the community for their commitment and support of our efforts to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands," said Sacramento Police Chief Katherine Lester.

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