FIRE | POLICE: Hostile Situation Turns 3rd Alarm Fire, Rescue and Evacuations | Downtown | Sacramento

FIRE | POLICE: Hostile Situation Turns 3rd Alarm Fire, Rescue and Evacuations | Downtown | Sacramento cover

Early Sunday morning, the Sacramento Police Department responded to the Comstock apartments, in the 1700 block of K Street, leading to a 3rd Alarm Structure Fire, an upper floor balcony rescue and evacuations.

In a series of Tweets, the Sacramento Fire Department stated:

"An adult male in the unit exited through a window and made his way to the exterior ledge of the unit.

"A rescue operation began to remove the male from the ledge. He was transported to a trauma facility and his condition is unknown.

"The fire was held to a single unit & residents on the 8th and 9th floors were evacuated due to smoke conditions.

"[At the time of the post it was] Undetermined if some residents will be displaced. This fire is under investigation.

"Prior to the fire the Sacramento Police Department was on scene conducting an investigation for an assault."

The male, in his 30’s, was transported to the hospital, unconscious with a self-inflicted laceration to the neck, according to radio reports. A machete was recovered on the balcony which he was rescued from, according to radio reports.

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