POLICE: Officer Involved Shooting | Officer Stabbed | Del Paso Heights | Sacramento

POLICE: Officer Involved Shooting | Officer Stabbed | Del Paso Heights | Sacramento cover


On August 27, 2022, just before 7:30 p.m., a Sacramento Police Department patrol officer was hailed by an assault victim in the 2500 block of Del Paso Blvd. The victim said they were assaulted by a female and provided the officer with a description of that female. Multiple officers responded to the area in search of the female assault suspect.

As the officers were searching the area minutes later, they located the suspect matching the description provided by the victim. The suspect fled from the officers on foot for several minutes. An officer followed the suspect in a vehicle as she fled. As a second officer arrived in the Del Paso/Rio Linda Blvd Alley area, he told the suspect to stop.

The suspect did not stop and charged the officer. The suspect abruptly pulled out a knife and attacked the officer, stabbing him in the upper arm. The female fell to the ground; however, she continued brandishing the knife at the officers. An officer-involved shooting then occurred. Officers rendered emergency medical aid to the suspect. Despite these life-saving measures, the suspect was pronounced deceased on the scene.

Knife recovered at the scene. (Sacramento Police Department)

The officer who was stabbed was transported to an area hospital where he underwent surgery and is currently recovering.

This incident is being investigated by the Sacramento Police Department's Homicide Unit, Internal Affairs Division, and Professional Standards Unit. An investigation into the incident will also be conducted by the Force Investigation Team. The investigation will focus on policy, tactics, and training as it relates to the use of force. The Office of Public Safety Accountability and the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office are providing oversight by monitoring the investigation.

This incident falls under the City Council’s policy on Police Use of Force as well as SB 1421. As a result, the video and audio associated with this incident will be released to the public within 30 days. Detectives are in the process of identifying and retrieving video associated with this incident.

For further information related to our policies, please visit the following link: Sacramento Police Department – Transparency

The Sacramento Police Department encourages any witnesses with information regarding this incident to contact the dispatch center at (916) 264-5471 or Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP (4357). Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward up to $1,000. Anonymous tips can also be submitted using the free “P3 Tips” smartphone app.

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