Sideshow activity was occurring all over Sacramento Saturday. This crew shut down Highway 50 at the interstate 5 transition while they engaged in their reckless driving activity. CHP's helicopter caught the whole thing on video and followed the instigators while guiding incoming patrol officers into them.

A felony stop was executed on Martin Luther King Blvd. at Fruitridge Road. The four occupants of the pickup truck were compliant and taken into custody without incident. A black mustang with a gray hood was also engaged in the same sideshow activity, surveilled by the helicopter and captured as well. Later another crew engaged in the same activity at Madison and Date, with over 40 citations issued.

California Highway Patrol reported there were over 200 cars doing exhibition driving at Madison and Date Avenue, in the area of the Crown Plaza Hotel. With a combined team of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol, they issued about 40 citations, towed 3 cars, and arrested one for DUI.

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