Sacramento, CA | An electrical issue may be responsible for a mobile home blaze in the Parkway-South area Sunday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon a fire broke out in a mobile home on Dias Ave in the Parkway-South area of Sacramento. Neighbors stated that firefighters were there fast and quickly contained the blaze. There was one occupant of three in the home at the time, along with a couple of dogs. The solo occupant made it safely out of the home while a neighbor kicked in the back door allowing the pets to escape the blaze.

The home was a total loss and the Red Cross responded to provide lodging, clothes and support medical needs.

Red Cross spokesman, Kurt Hirzy, indicated that they assist more people through the holidays and the winter due to failed alternative heating sources in home.

No one was injured in the incident. Captain Jonathan Burgess of the Sacramento Fire Department stated that it seems the fire was caused by an electrical issue and urges homeowners to utilize space heaters properly as well as not utilizing outdoor space heaters inside. Burgess also iterated that it is important not to utilize extension cords and be sure heavy objects are not placed on electrical cords.

Capt. Jonathan Burgess, (a) Battalion Chief for Sacramento Fire Department and Kurt Hirzy, American Red Cross talk about the incident.

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