Sacramento, Ca | Rescuers pulled a vehicle from the river Thursday morning with a deceased male inside.

Early Thursday morning Sac City Fire Department was called to the area of Garden Highway at Truxel Rd for a vehicle that reportedly drove off into the river.

When rescuers arrived, they found debris in the area that lead them to believe that a vehicle did  launch off the road and into the river. Rescue boats and DART divers were deployed. Special magnets and a side view sonar was used to locate the vehicle, divers also worked a grid pattern to hone in on it.

Central Valley Tow was called in to assist with hauling the vehicle out of the water. A couple of attempts were made to pull the vehicle out, but the hooks did not hold. On the final attempt, divers got the vehicle securely attached to the cable and slowly the red Infinity emerged from the murky water.

Assistant Chief Niko King, of Sacramento City Fire Department, guesstimated that the vehicle was under about 15 feet of water. King further commented that the dive team was getting exhausted after hours of searching, locating and then extracting the vehicle from the water. The divers, at times, even became trapped and pinned against debris with the strong current flow of the river, per King.

After the vehicle was pulled from the river, it was confirmed that a deceased male, unknown age and ethnicity, was in the vehicle, John Burges, Sac City Fire PIO, told us.  Burges also stated that the operation was changing over from a recovery to a traffic investigation and the scene was being turned over to Sacramento Police Department.

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