Elk Grove, CA | One killed in what one deputy described as, a very grim fatal vehicle accident.

A very grim vehicle accident occurred early Monday morning on Power Inn Rd. in Elk Grove. According to Elk Grove Police Officials, the vehicle traveling south on Power Inn Road from Calvine Rd., lost control, taking out several trees and flipping over. The male driver and front seat male passenger were taken to the hospital via paramedics, however, the female in the rear seat was pronounced dead on the scene. One Sheriff Deputy described the scene as very grim.

The status of the two males was unknown however Elk Grove PD indicated that their injuries were non life threatening. The cause of the accident was unknown and under investigation.

Per Elk Grove Police, Power Inn road between Calvine and Sheldon, per EGPD, will be closed several hours do to the investigation and morning commuters should seek alternate routes.

Hear from Elk Grove PD’s PIO and a neighborhood resident

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