Sacramento, CA | Thursday evening, approximately 6:15pm, Sacramento Firefighters were called to a home in the 4700 block of Brookfield Drive in South Sacramento for a house fire. When firefighters arrived, they found smoke and flames coming from the back of the home.

Though the cause of the fire is under investigation, Chief Williams of the Sacramento Fire Department stated that it appears the fire began in a shed in the back yard. The fire did create a burn pattern on the back of the residence, burned up into the eves and part of the roof.

Due to the shake shingle style roof, firefighters had to “strip” the roof and “drop the ceilings” Williams said. Williams stated that it is a long and labor intensive process, however very necessary as embers from the blaze can get under the shake shingles and cause the home to catch fire again during the night.

The HazMat rig was called out for additional lighting and man power.

No one was injured in blaze, however the family was displaced and stayed with neighbors.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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