Sacramento, CA | Monday afternoon, an officer/parolee encounter escalates to a SWAT operation and baby rescue.

Early Monday afternoon, an officer encountered a suspicious, known, parolee in the area of Broadway and San Jose. When the officer attempted contact, the parolee retreated into his residence where it was believed that there were two additional adults and a 4 month old baby.

As K9 units and additional officers arrived, they surrounded the one story apartment complex and shut down the park bordered by San Jose and 4th Ave.

After several call in’s and loud speaker announcements for the parolee to come out and surrender, a male subject appeared at the door. Holding the subject at gun point, officers ordered the subject out and took him into custody. They quickly identified the subject as just another occupant and not the parolee sought.

After speaking with the occupant, it was confirmed that the baby was still in the residence but it was not known if the parolee was still in the residence or if he escaped before the residence was surrounded.

Officers remained vigilant as SWAT arrived and geared up to form an entry and arrest team.

After confirming the location of the baby in the home, SWAT officers lobbed a “distraction device” (aka flash-bang) and made rapid entry into the residence. Seconds later an officer emerged from the front door with the baby and you could tangibly feel everyones relief.

After rescuing the baby, officers regrouped at the front door of the residence then began a systematic search of the interior and the attic.

Unfortunately, the perp was not located and remains at large.

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