Sacramento, CA | Motorcycle rider crashes and is run over in early morning Highway 99 fatal incident.

A  multivehicle and Motorcycle accident occurred Saturday morning on Hwy 99 south,  just before the Business 80 and Hwy 50 interchanges. Per witnesses, the motorcycle rider was speeding and going in and out of traffic. The bike collided into the back of a car.  Bike and rider went down with the rider separating from the bike. The bike was then hit by a stretch limousine and  became lodged under the front end and burst into flames. Laying in the roadway, the rider was hit by a vehicle. The driver of that vehicle stated that the rider had blown past him about a mile back at the Florin exit. He knew the rider was going to get in a wreck, but he didn’t expect that he would be the one to drive over the rider in the middle of the road.

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