Sacramento, CA | A 44 year old Sacramento man robs a convenience store but gets dooped by technology Wednesday afternoon.

According to Sacramento Police Department spokesman, Conrad Vonschoech, 44 year-old Colon Carmelo is the suspect being held for the robbery of the Fast Stop Food Stores, at 5600 Wilkinson Dr. in South Sacramento Wednesday afternoon. He was booked into Sacramento County Jail at 7:32PM Wednesday evening for felony robbery.

Per police radio traffic Wednesday afternoon, at the time of the robbery, the store clerk was able to insert a tracking device into the money bag before handing it over to Carmelo. A short time latter, officers began picking up the signal from the device in the area of Lemon Hill Ave. After Carmelo stopped at a residence on Nona Way near 37th, officers honed in on the suspect finally stopping him at 41st Ave. and 44th St. taking him into to custody without incident, with the cash still in the front seat of the vehicle.

Another team of officers stood ready to access the residence on Nona Way to search for additional weapons and potential evidence.

Carmelo, with a list of aliases including Mike Carmelo, Michael Johnson, Carmelo Jones and more, has a history of petty theft, charged once in June of 2003 and again in March of 2004. Carmelo also has a charge in October of 2009 for providing alcohol to a minor. Carmelo is currently being held on $175,000 bail all according to county records.

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