SACRAMENTO, Calif. (PSN)- On Friday, June 14, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a violent assault reported on Watt Avenue, leading to the arrest of 20-year-old Daniel Gates for multiple felony charges, including pimping and pandering. This incident is the latest in a string of sex trafficking-related crimes in Sacramento.


According to the Sheriff's Office, deputies arrived at the scene to find a female victim who had been pistol-whipped by a male assailant during an altercation with another woman. The victim recounted that the attacker struck her multiple times with a pistol before fleeing the scene.

After an extensive search, deputies located the second female involved in the altercation at a nearby hotel. Shortly afterward, they observed a male matching the suspect's description briefly exiting and re-entering a hotel room. Five minutes later, Gates emerged from the room and was arrested without incident.

The female located at the hotel revealed to the deputies that she was a victim of sex trafficking and in need of rescue. "She was visibly distressed and tearfully disclosed that she was being sex trafficked," the Sheriff's Office stated.

Deputies immediately contacted the Special Investigations Bureau. A subsequent search of the hotel room uncovered an unregistered “Ghost Gun” equipped with an illegal, loaded 31-round magazine, fentanyl-contaminated paraphernalia, sex worker indicia, and several digital devices.

The victim has been connected with the Family Justice Center to receive support and assistance as she begins her recovery journey.

Gates is currently being held at the Sacramento County Main Jail on $110,000 bail. Authorities noted that he was already out on bail for previous felony charges.

This incident follows a recent rescue of four juveniles and the arrest of another pimp earlier this week, highlighting the persistent issue of sex trafficking in the area.

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