SACRAMENTO, Calif. (PSN) —The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District's Air Operations Division successfully rescued a woman on June 1 following a kayaking accident on the North Fork of the American River.

The kayaker, who sustained injuries on May 31, camped overnight with her companions in a remote area that was inaccessible to ground crews. Metro Fire Copter 2 was dispatched the following morning and swiftly located the injured individual near Heath Springs Falls in the Tahoe National Forest.

Metro Fire's Rescuer/Paramedic was inserted to provide immediate medical treatment, pain management, and to prepare the patient for hoist extraction. The entire operation, from the insertion of the rescuer to the extraction of the patient, was completed in under eight minutes.

Video footage provided by Metro Fire shows the precision and efficiency of the rescue, capturing both the insertion of the rescuer and the extraction of the victim back to the helicopter.

The patient was then transported to a nearby landing zone where she was transferred to a Truckee Fire Department ground ambulance for further medical care.

“Our team’s training and preparedness were key to the successful outcome of the mission,” said Nick Covington, Flight Officer. “We are grateful for the support and coordination of CalFire, Placer County Sheriff, and the Truckee Fire Dept. This rescue underscores the importance of our ongoing commitment to public safety and the 'all-risk' nature of Metro Fire.”

This incident highlights the vital role of coordinated efforts among various emergency response teams and the importance of rapid and effective air rescue operations in remote locations.


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