Mutual Housing At The Highlands Apartments | 6010 34th Street
Wednesday | March 29, 2023 | ~10:25 PM

Just before 10:30 P.M. Wednesday, 911 calls began coming in regarding shots being fired in the Mutual Hosing At the Highlands Apartments in the 6000 block of 34th Street in North Highlands.

According to radio reports, deputies heard active shooting and found several bullet holes through one of the caller's walls. We, at PSN HQ, could hear shots being fired over the radio as deputies keyed up to transmit.

Deputies called in shots being fired at 10:34, 10:43, 10:51, 10:57, 11:02, 11:06, 11:09, 11:12, and 11:16 P.M. were the times we have documented as deputies called out an average of 2 to five shots being fired per volley. At one point, deputies stated that the armored Bearcat vehicle and a patrol vehicle were struck by gunfire, but all deputies were okay.

As Deputies honed in on where the shots were coming from, history showed that the apartment's occupant was known to deputies as they had dealings with the same individual in the past.

SWAT was called out and the situation is still active at the time of this posting.

At least two Bearcats (armored vehicles) are on scene, as well as the Sherrif’s Office’s “Rook”…an armored “Bobcat” looking tactical piece of equipment. Drones are also being utilized.

The last update we heard, negotiators had an open phone line into the apartment and the subject sounded highly intoxicated. Negotiators also stated that they believed they heard a faint female voice in the background.

At this time, these are the only details we were able to obtain. We will post additional information from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office as it becomes available.

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