About 2:15 A.M. Wednesday, the Roseville Police Department became engaged in a pursuit of a stolen vehicle, according to radio reports.

At some point in the pursuit, the vehicle crashed into a structure. While backing out, the suspect rammed a police unit, then continued.

Eventually, the pursuit terminated on Roseville Road at Watt Avenue. The two passengers were immediately detained, however, the driver took off north and hid amongst transient encampments near Airbase Drive.

A multi-agency police perimeter was established with the aid of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office and the California Highway Patrol.

The suspect was eventually captured by CHP officers in a transient encampment off of Airbase, according to radio traffic.

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There were no significant injuries reported for this incident.

These are the best details we have at this time, based on our observations.

We will post updated details from the Roseville Police Department as they become available.

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