Welcome to our new VRA , multi-camera/source, format, just for subscribers and supporters. Join us for an hour each night, behind the scenes, as we news-cruise (as we call it), in News Cruiser 3 (NC3) through the streets of Sacramento, waiting for news to break.


Facebook, quite some time ago, cut us off from acquiring additional subscribers/supporters, because our true and authentic news content does not meet their community guidelines. As subscribers, debit/credit cards expired, our supporters were eliminated. Most of our supporters have moved over to our easy donation system. We are discontinuing the use of this group and encourage you to move over to our other support system if you wish to continue supporting us.

We are quickly working at creating more supporter/subscriber-only content and benefits, as well as giving you better access to us directly. Here's a few things we're up to:

  • VRA: PSN Virtual Ride Alongs are back and with a whole new format including multiple cameras, screen sharing and more; ride behind the scenes with your PSN news team at night. (we will be posting VRA's here for you until we get everything switched over to our new systems.)
  • DISCORD: We now have our own Discord server (just for supporter-exclusive access) where you'll be able to connect with us directly.
  • YOUTUBE: Coming soon, YouTube Subscriber only content
  • NEWS IN YOUR INBOX: Some of you are already experiencing this… when we push a full news story post, it will be delivered directly to your email inbox.

We really appreciate our supporters, and let's face it, in a day and age where everyone wants everything for free, even though it cost someone else to give it to them, you are the ones who have helped us stay alive through difficult times…. which means, you deserve more. That said, VERY soon, the only thing folks will see on the free access side of PSN will be a few images in an initial post. To get the full details and experience all of the hard work and time our team puts into our news posts, they will have to be a supporter/subscriber.

So once again… thank you for being a PSN supporter; we appreciate you more than you know.

If you would like to continue to support PSN, just click a “Donate” button anywhere here on PSN, to move your support over to our main giving system; we believe you will enjoy the environment. After you do that, be sure to cancel your support on FB if you are presently supporting us there.

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