Just after 11:30 a.m. Saturday, reports came in regarding multiple explosions and fire in the area of Sutter's Landing, just north of Midtown off of 28th and C Streets, according to multiple radio reports.

When crews arrived, they discovered multiple abandoned vehicles and debris on fire with propane tanks exploding west of the Bell Marine Industrial Aggregate area along the American River. This is a densely populated transient encampment area laden with feces and debris.

Rangers pursued a white Durango fleeing area, the occupants of which are believed to be responsible for the blaze. The suspect vehicle was lost but later located unoccupied in the Sutter Park area according to radio reports.

After multiple loads of shuttling water to the fire scene, fire crews were able to fully extinguish and overhaul the fire area.

A Sacramento Fire Department Engineer refills the fire engine with water and returns to the fireground to transfer water to the fire attack engine.

There were no injuries reported and an arson investigation is underway.

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