POLICE: Elk Grove Police Mourns the Loss of Veteran Motor Officer

POLICE: Elk Grove Police Mourns the Loss of Veteran Motor Officer


“ELK GROVE, CA – At 5:13 a.m. on January 21, 2022, the California Highway Patrol Sacramento dispatch center advised of a wrong-way driver traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of SR-99 near 47th Avenue. While responding, a 9-1-1 caller advised CHP Dispatch the wrong-way vehicle was involved in a crash with a police motorcycle officer near 12th Avenue. CHP Officers and members of the Sacramento Fire Department arrived on scene and performed life-saving measures before transporting Officer Ty Lenehan, from the Elk Grove Police Department to the UC Davis Medical Center. Despite efforts from UC Davis medical staff, Officer Ty Lenehan succumbed to the injuries sustained as a result of the collision.

“Officer Ty Lenehan took pride in serving his community, and his work ethic was recognized by all who worked alongside him. Prior to joining law enforcement, Officer Ty Lenehan was a member of the United States Air Force for five years. In 2012, he began his Law Enforcement Career as a Reserve Officer for the Citrus Heights Police Department. Officer Ty Lenehan then worked for two years with the Galt Police Department before he joined the Elk Grove Police Department in 2016. Officer Ty Lenehan worked as an Elk Grove Police officer for the last six years, and in 2020 he became a motor officer, which he was extremely excited to begin.

“’This is an incredibly sad day for the Elk Grove Police Department and the Elk Grove community,’ said Elk Grove Chief of Police, Timothy Albright. ‘We grieve for Ty’s family, our law enforcement family, and the Elk Grove community.’

“Officer Lenehan’s service will never be forgotten. His positive attitude, infectious smile, and bright personality will forever be missed.

“The California Highway Patrol South Sacramento Division is leading the investigation of this incident and released an update regarding the collision on social media earlier this afternoon.

“Details regarding funeral services for Officer Lenehan are not available at this time.”


On January 21, 2022, at approximately 5:13 am, the Sacramento CHP Dispatch Center received a call of a wrong way driver traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of SR-99 near 47th Avenue. Multiple South Sacramento CHP units responded to the area, and while units were responding, a 9-1-1 caller advised the wrong way vehicle was involved in a crash with a Police motorcycle officer near 12th Avenue. Upon CHP officer's arrival on scene they located and detained Jermaine J. Walton, a 31 year-old male out of Sacramento, walking away from the scene. Officers also located an Elk Grove Police Department motor officer who had sustained life threatening injuries as a result of the crash. CHP Officers performed life saving measures until Sacramento Fire Department arrived on scene and transported the officer to UC Davis Medical Center. During the initial investigation it was determined Walton was driving a 2016 Dodge Challenger northbound in the #1 lane of southbound SR-99. The Dodge collided head on with the Elk Grove Police officer causing him to be ejected from his motorcycle. The speeds of both vehicles is unknown at this time. While on scene, Walton displayed objective signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication. A DUI investigation was performed and Walton was placed under arrest for suspicion of being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage at the time of the crash. Walton was subsequently booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail for several felony DUI related charges. The Elk Grove Police Department officer was later pronounced deceased at UC Davis Medical Center. The identity of the deceased will be released by the Sacramento County Coroner's office. The exact events leading up to the crash are still under investigation. CHP Valley Division Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) arrived on scene and has been working with the South Sacramento CHP Office with the investigation.

The South Sacramento CHP office sends its thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the fallen officer and wish strength and healing to the Elk Grove Police Department during their time of need.

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