Just before 3:30 P.M. Tuesday, crews from Sacramento Fire Department's Engine 2 were dispatched to reports of a vehicle fire on the inbound to downtown side of Highway 160, just north of Richards Blvd.

When Engine 2 arrived, they found a well-involved vehicle fire on the wrong side of the construction Jersey Barrier.

According to the driver, he purchased the vehicle "as is" yesterday. He picked up his kids from school and as he was coming across Highway 160, the inside of the vehicle became filled with smoke. He pulled to the right to get out of traffic and wound up behind the barrier, high-centered on some curbing.

The driver and his children were able to get out of the vehicle safely.

In the course of extinguishing the vehicle fire, firefighters opened the trunk and discovered the children's bikes. They pulled the bikes out undamaged by the fire. As firefighters set them aside, they warned the kids not to touch the bikes yet, they would be hot.

No injuries occurred during this incident.

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