POLICE LOG: Felony Vandalism, Del Paso Business District, September 16, 2021

POLICE LOG: Felony Vandalism, Del Paso Business District, September 16, 2021

Just after midnight Thursday morning, September 16th, Sacramento Fire Department crews witnessed an individual smashing out windows of businesses at the intersection of Del Paso Blvd. and Arden way.

The suspect was seen fleeing toward Woodlake Park on Arden way. When officers arrived, according to radio traffic, the suspect was hostile toward officers. After they were able to talk the subject into dropping the items in his hands and having the subject lift his shirt and showing he had no weapons, officers formed a contact team and the subject was taken into custody.

The following entry was made into the Sacramento Police Department Activity Log regarding the incident.

21-264875 (Vandalism – Arrest): 1500 Block of Del Paso Blvd at 0032 hours.
Officers responded to a report of a vandalism. The suspect broke windows to several businesses in the area. The suspect was located in the area and arrested for vandalism.

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