CALDOR FIRE: Cal Fire Reports Two Citizens Injured

CALDOR FIRE: Cal Fire Reports Two Citizens Injured



On August 17, 2021 two civilians were injured during the Caldor Fire which is currently burning in El Dorado County. Please be aware that this is a dynamic and rapidly developing incident.

During the overnight period, which ended on August 17, 2021 at 7:00 am, one person was transported from the Grizzly Flats area with serious injuries. It is reported that this person approached firefighters who proceeded to provide initial medical care and requested an air ambulance, which transported the person to a hospital.

A second person also suffered severe injuries during the operational period that began on August 17, 2021. This person was also injured in the Grizzly Flats area and transported by air ambulance to a local hospital with serious injuries.

It is imperative for those within areas under an evacuation order or warning to follow the direction immediately. Residents and visitors of El Dorado County, specifically those near the fire area should sign up for Code Red at the following links:

• El Dorado County:

• Amador County:

Additionally, learn how get ready, be set, and go! in the event of evacuation warnings and orders due to a wildfire in your area by visiting:

Evacuation centers have been opened at the following: (Diamond Springs Fire Hall shelter FULL)

For Community Members:
Cameron Park CSD Amador County Fairgrounds
2502 Country Club Dr.
Cameron Park, CA 95682

For Large Animals
18621 Sherwood Street
Plymouth, CA 95669

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