FIRE WATCH: Apple Fire, Riverside County

FIRE WATCH: Apple Fire, Riverside County

A new fire broke out Friday in Riverside County and now is exhibiting intense fire behavior according to sources on the ground. The incident is located off of Oak Glen Road and Apple Tree Lane, North of Cherry Valley.

Here are some details from Cal Fire:
Last Updated: 8/1/2020
Date Started: 7/31/2020
Location Information: off of Oak Glen Road and Apple Tree Lane, North of Cherry Valley
Counties: Riverside
Acres Burned 4,125
Percentage Contained 0%

Current Conditions

Evacuation Warning

An Evacuation WARNING is in place in San Bernardino County for residents in the Potato Canyon area west, to Raymond Flat in the Oak Glen area.


Evacuation Orders are in place for residents South of the County Line, North of Dutton Street and East of Oak Glen Road.

Evacuation ORDERS for residents north of Cherry Valley Blvd West of Highland Springs East of Beaumont Avenue

Evacuation Center is at Beaumont High School – 39139 Cherry Valley Boulevard in Beaumont, CA

Animal Evacuation Center also at Beaumont High School. Animal Control is on scene.

Administrative Unit: Unified Command: CAL FIRE Riverside/ Riverside County, USFS – San Bernardino, Riverside County Sheriff's Department and CHP

Status: Active

Lat/Long: [33.990352, -116.963678]


Evacuation Center:

Beaumont High School – 39139 Cherry Valley Boulevard in Beaumont, CA


CAL FIRE / Riverside County Fire

Cooperating Agencies

American Red Cross, Anaheim Fire Department, Animal Control, CAL FIRE/Riverside, CAL FIRE/San Bernardino, CAL FIRE/San Diego, California Highway Patrol (CHP), Cathedral City FD, City of Hemet FD, Morongo Fire Department, Murrieta Fire Protection District, Orange County Fire Authority, Palm Springs FD, Pechanga FD, Riverside County Fire Department, San Bernardino County Fire Department, USFS – San Bernardino, San Manuel FD, Soboba FD, Calimesa FD, Huntington Beach FD, Anaheim Fire and Rescue, Ne

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