At 12:40 Monday afternoon, officers in the South area of Sacramento, received an alert that a stolen vehicle had been captured by a POD (Police Observation Device) driving through the intersection at Florin Road and 24th Street.

Officers saturated the area and located the vehicle headed toward Interstate 5. As officers amassed and caught up to the vehicle, the driver exited from northbound Interstate 5 onto eastbound Sutterville Road.

Officers executed a felony stop at which time the driver (and solo occupant) of the vehicle pulled into the Chevron gas station at 4000 South Land Park Drive.

The driver was taken into custody without incident and the stolen vehicle was recovered in good condition.

Location of felony stop and stolen vehicle recovery
POD (Police Observaof stop.tion Device)

According to the Sacramento Police Department, “The primary goal of this device is to serve as a highly visible crime deterrent. The PODS are clearly marked with a police logo and a flashing blue light to maximize its effect as a crime prevention tool. If a crime occurs recorded video can also be reviewed for potential evidence."

Some “PODS are equipped with license plate reading (LPR) ability. The LPR technology is able to quickly scan license plates and alert officers that a vehicle associated with a missing person or criminal activity is in the area.”

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