Just after 1 a.m. Tuesday, the Sacramento Fire Department was called to Jamba Juice at 1429 Broadway, for a report of a ruptured gas line.

When crews arrived, they discovered a ruptured high pressure gas line at the meter behind the Jamba Juice store. The line was hit by an electric pallet jack during night-time deliveries to the business.

Roads were shut down in the are; Broadway and X Streets were closed between 16th and 13th Streets; until the line was able to be plugged by fire crews.

Due to the rupture being on the high-pressure feed side of the gas meter, PG&E had to dispatch an emergency dig crew to repair the break.

Due to an inversion layer, the gas was flowing into the bedroom community to the south of the business. Residents were instructed to shelter in place and turn heaters off. 

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