CHP: [pursuit video] Arrests and Vehicles Towed from Sideshow, November 29, 2019


On November 29, 2019 at approximately 10:05 pm, the CHP – Sacramento Communications Center broadcast a call of possible illegal street racing occurring at Florin Road at Elk Grove Florin Road. Approximately 100 vehicles were reported driving recklessly in the area.

Video from PSN's News Cruiser 3 [NC3] Dash Cam

California Highway Patrol (CHP) South Sacramento Area units began responding as well as CHP – Valley Division Air Operations aircraft Air 23.

At 10:11 pm, Air 23 advised the vehicles were now at Eagles Nest Road and Jackson Highway, blocking the intersection, doing donuts with parties outside of their vehicles filming. South Sacramento Area units arrived in the area and the vehicles began to disperse.

Air 23 directed units to a Mazda Miata and a Ford Mustang convertible that were observed doing donuts. The driver of the Mazda Miata immediately yielded to responding units. The driver was cited and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

Another unit observed the Ford Mustang travel northbound in the southbound lane of Eagles Nest Road and then drive onto the right shoulder to pass slower moving traffic. South Sacramento Area units attempted to conduct an enforcement stop on the Ford Mustang, however the Ford Mustang failed to yield and a pursuit occurred.

At 10:30 pm, a supervisor advised the units to back off the pursuit due to unsafe high speeds and to protect the motoring public. Air 23 continued to follow the Ford Mustang after the South Sacramento Area units terminated their pursuit. Air 23 continued to advise the units the location of the Ford Mustang.

At 10:35 hours, Air 23 advised the Ford Mustang had stopped at a residence in the Arden-Arcade area and one of the occupants was running from the vehicle. South Sacramento units arrived on scene and one unit took the driver and remaining passenger into custody while the other unit was directed to the backyard of a nearby residence by Air 23 where they located and took the fleeing passenger into custody.

During the pursuit, the Ford Mustang was observed blacked out, ran numerous stop signs and red lights, and obtained speed ranging from 40 miles per hour to 115 miles per hour while traffic was light to at times moderate.

The driver was arrested for felony evading and the Ford Mustang was impounded for 30 days. No injuries or damage occurred or were sustained during this pursuit.

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