Sacramento, CA-  On 07/21/19, the Sacramento Fire Department responded to a series of five (5) fires along the Folsom Blvd and light rail corridor between 39th St and Power Inn Rd. The fire series included trashcan, dumpster and vegetation fires. The fires occurred between 9:40 PM on 07/21/19 and 12:46 AM on 07/22/19. SFD Fire Investigators used surveillance footage to link Loflin to vegetation fires at the light rail station located at 39th St and R St; a dumpster fire in a commercial parking lot located at the 6700 block of Folsom Blvd; and a trashcan fire at Safe Credit Union located at the 6300 block of Folsom Blvd. Investigators have been unable to link Loflin to two vegetation fires that occurred during this series near the intersection of Folsom Bl and State University Dr and Folsom Blvd and How Ave respectively.

On 07/25/19 at 21:42 PM, the Sacramento Fire Department responded to a dumpster fire situated at Improv Alley near the intersection of 12thSt. SFD Investigators used an eyewitness account to link Loflin to the fire. Loflin was located, identified and arrested subsequent to the event.  Loflin faces charges of  one (1) count of 451-C, Arson of a Structure/Forestland and three (3) counts of 451-D, Arson of Property.

Loflin, David (Age:51)

The Sacramento Fire Department is committed to the safety and well-being of the community. Anyone with information related to these cases is urged to contact the Arson Tip Line at 916-808-8732 or Crime Stoppers at 1-916-443-HELP.

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