Moments ago, the Sacramento Police Department was dispatched to 3434 Broadway at Old Soul @ 40 Acres, for reports of a robbery to a person.

According to police radio traffic, an employee was outside when she was hit in the head and robbed of her purse.

The victim's coworker told PSN that the victim was warming up her car in the side lot next to the Guild Theater with her car door open, when she was blitz attacked. The suspect then demanded her money and started going through her belongings before fleeing.

“No items were taken and the victim suffered minor injuries,” officials said from the Sacramento Police Department. “Officers took a report and canvassed the area.”

Fire and Paramedics were dispatched, however the employee refused transport.

Officers, at the time of this posting, are on scene taking a report and investigating.

Those are all the details we have at this time. We will update with official details from SacPD when/if they become available.

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