Officers forced to cite and release probationer caught with auto burglar tools and meth.

Shortly after 2 p.m. Monday, the Sacramento Police Department, received a call reporting that a subject was riding around behind the area of Tower Cafe, with a long slim jim (tool used to open locked vehicles) and looking in the windows of vehicles, according to police radio traffic.

When officers arrived in the area, they located a subject matching the description, on a bike, at 13th Street and 1st Avenue. Officers detained that subject without incident.

The subject was in possession of burglary tools and a quantity of methamphetamine; the subject was also on probation.

After an area canvas, no vehicles were found broken into.

Even though the subject was on probation and found with burglary tools and a quantity of methamphetamine (which would have been a felony charge in and of itself in years past), officers had to cite and release the subject back into the community.

The subject's tools and drugs were seized and booked as evidence for his upcoming court hearing.

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