Around 3:35 a.m. Sunday, firefighters were dispatched to a house fire on the corner of Jenna Way and Hillman Court in the Florin community.

When crews arrived, they found an active fire burning mainly in the attic portion of the home. Crews immediately started their fire attack, and started searching for any victims.

Within a few minutes, a firefighter called out a "mayday" alert on the radio. Crews assisted the firefighter to safety. At this time, it's not known was caused the mayday call. Due to the intensity of the flames and the safety of the crews, the incident commander changed the strategy of the fire to a "defensive operation" and pulled all firefighters out of the building. In a defensive operation, all fire suppression operations will be conducted outside the structure, versus being inside.

Multiple ambulances were requested to the scene. Firefighters called for paramedics for at least one civilian injury, possibly two.

Firefighters were able to get a handle on the fire within 20-30 minutes. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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