Sacramento police officers are investigating after a possible hostage situation at a North Sacramento home.

Around 9:30 Friday night, officers were at a home on Western Avenue near Fairbanks Avenue after a person had reported their friend was being held hostage inside.

According to that friend, who talked to Public Safety News off-camera, the victim was inside the home when the occupants decided to hold the victim hostage due to an earlier drug sale that had gone bad. According to the friend, the hostage victim was unrelated to the earlier drug sale, and was an innocent victim.

Police were able to safely detain all occupants who were inside the home after making P.A. announcements for them to come outside. The SWAT truck was called out but was not utilized.

Police have not officially commented on the investigation, and have not confirmed that there was indeed a hostage victim or the drug sale story.

Officers and detectives will be at the home for part of the night investigating.

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